Selector Spread Wixoss Episode 2: Nothing is permanent.

We’re focusing on Aki-Lucky this episode. Yaaaaaay! My favourite character!

She's talking to me.

Akira hasn’t really changed much as a character since we first met her in season one. She’s evolved from a shallow and sadistic model with no redeeming qualities to a shallow and sadistic girl with a scar. Yup. In detail, Akira was a foil in the first season who eventually lost three times. Since her wish was to ruin Iona’s career, her career got ruined instead. Why does she have no redeemable qualities? She treats everyone like shit, obviously, you had to ask?

Just threatening someone, no biggy.

She was given a pretty cool looking (all things considered) scar and nothing else really. A scandal would have been one thing, but a scar isn’t really a huge deal. And as this episode demonstrates, the blow back didn’t really get in the way of her reclaiming her fame. Heck, her ‘friends’ even missed her and didn’t notice the whole scar thing.┬áThis mastermind is pretty pathetic isn’t she? Her magic is outdone by conventional makeup. I think that’s a major problem with the series- for all it plays up it’s own misery and intensity, nothing is permanent, and the supposed punishments feel like little more than a slap on the wrist. If you’re setting such low standards for yourself that you’re just going to write despair porn, at least make it good despair porn, you know? The writer doesn’t seem to realise that dark shows are best when they actually have a shred of optimism in them. This show doesn’t, rather, it just bullshits its way out of rough situations when things seem to be irreversible. Akira or Hitoe’s recovery has nothing to do with the human spirit, it’s just luck. Aki-Lucky if you will.


Aki-Sucky may not be as Aki-Lucky as we might think, though. You could almost say that she’s Aki-Unlucky She’s given makeup by Ulith, who now inhabits Iona. ‘Cause season one. I am at least glad that they decided to do something with the non-entity that was Ulith, but unfortunately even despite her minimal presence in the first season she still feels out of character here. Ulith was somewhat sadistic and appeared to be prone to anger, kind of like Akira I guess. I don’t really remember, but one thing I do know was that she didn’t exhibit any Yandere qualities, nor did she appear to give a damn about Akira. I’m not even sure if they talked anywhere other than the battle field. There doesn’t seem to any context for Ulith’s sudden obsession with Akira, and nothing was mentioned about Ulith’s life when she was a real girl, so supposedly she got information on all of Akira’s past appearances in the industry after becoming Iona? That doesn’t seem very long time fan-ish. Well, who cares I guess. I guess inconsistent character is better than no character. I’ll go with that, yeah…


Well, maybe not.



What is it with anime and rape these days?

Nope. No character is definitely better than this. Yeah, the episode gets creepy and uncomfortable really fast. Of course, that’s the purpose right? Nothing about the way this is written or framed is suggesting that this new relationship is supposed to be healthy, or even all that titillating for the audience. (you know, if you like women that way) It’s also entirely possible that this kind of relationship could exist in real life, or in the industry. I’ve heard it said that those in show business fuck their way to the top, which is pretty much what Akira is doing weather she likes it or not. (and she appears to like Ulith now, so I guess she does like it. Wait, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of portraying this type of relationship?)

Sexy or moe?

But that’s the thing. Just because this might happen doesn’t mean to say that portraying it in a show is justified. It’s the common defense I hear about a lot of risque content, but if all you’re doing us is exposing us to this, if all you’re doing is recreating it, then you’re not automatically creating something insightful or, well, good. At best your writing something superficial.

I'm looking, I don't care.

I’m not saying I was morally offended or afraid of anything I saw in the episode, I mean hell there’s a lot worse out there, but I am saying that this is pushing my sensibilities, even if it is a tiny push. And I’m also trying to say that there’s no real reason for it. Every time a scene like this appears, the only subject my mind turns to are the people who decided the scene was a good idea. ‘This is dark, throw that in here’. Portraying this relationship in this way doesn’t automatically mean that a commentary is being made. It isn’t even pushing an opinion. It’s pushing nothing. All it wants is an emotional reaction, nothing more, nothing less, no thought required.


Nicely said there Akira. Like makeup, superficial writing can’t hide your true nature or intentions permanently. Wixoss is a show that pushes doom and gloom with no substance or self awareness. But hey, maybe that’s what makes it fun to watch on occasion- it’s no fun when a show knows that it sucks, and frankly I’m not always interested in a metaphorical circle-jerk (or a real one). This show suits me just fine.

Oh and hey, Ruko was in this episode I guess. She has a sad face because she can’t play cards with friends. Only lunatics. But hey, she always has grandma. Does everyone play this stupid game? Even the elderly like playing cards. Order your starter deck now!

Seriously, just quit while you're ahead.

No seriously, buy our merchandise.


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