Parasyte Episode 3: Getting Along with Murderers

It looks like we’re going to have ourselves a proper antagonist or anti-hero for the time being.

Greetings! I will be your foul for the next arc

Parasyte continues to be strong as it already starts subverting its barely established formula and build upon its themes. This episode we’re introduced to an attractive teacher, who is a parasite. As usual, the reveal of an enemy parasite was masterfully suspenseful, but instead of having us a battle, Tamiya is more interested in diplomacy, and, well, Shinichi is going to have to grin and bear it.

I love how her parasite form is never shown in this episode this is real menace.

I’m really happy they decided to go this route. In the last episode, Shinichi displayed his resolve to protect humanity from the parasites. However, now that we have one who displays more intelligence than the others that simply eat and fight, we realise just how outgunned and disadvantaged Shinichi really is. The parasites take the form of humans and other familiar things, and they can turn into any human holding more social power. In this case, a teacher. But how easy would it be for a parasite to, say, become the president? They can shape shift, too, though thankfully most of them seem to lack the intelligence to stage a proper invasion in an espionage sense. Regardless, Shinichi can’t simply overpower the parasites using Migi, he’s going to have to outsmart them too.

More like... blend humans... then drink them...

He’s not taking them on one at a time any more, either, she has a friend called ‘A-San’ who is the more violent type that we’ve come to know. He seems to be somewhat kept in check by Tamiya, but by the end of the episode we see that he attacks the school in broad daylight, so his instincts could only be kept in check for so long I suppose.

The important stuff however would be the themes. The differences between humans are parasites are once again questioned by Tamiya, who is apparently pregnant with A’s child. apparently the creature growing would be human, just like Shinichi or anyone else. It once again relates back to the idea that parasites simply use a different food source, possibly making them merely a different breed of human since parasites themselves have no power without a host. Of course, I don’t believe the show is asking us to fully agree with cannibals, merely that the issues in this inter-species conflict are more complicated than they may first appear, the issue of how to combat them aside. Of course, it’s not like the other parasites are all Shinichi needs to worry about.

Use the meat to distract the dog

During A’s assault on the school near the end, Migi suggests using the students as a meat shield to distract A while they finish him off. Migi phrases this like a simple diversionary tactic. It draws the question to me pertaining to the true nature of the parasites. So far we’ve met two types- the completely logical ones like Migi and Tamiya, and everyone else who seem driven completely by ID. Is it simply that all parasites have distinct personalities like anything else, or is there some other reason why their base natures seem so opposite from one another? In any case, neither type seem to value life forms of any species with any high regard.


They’re just animals that haven’t matured enough, I suppose, even if they are extremely fast in general. Thankfully, both Tamiya and Migi’s logic also dictates that sometimes symbiosis is logical and completely necessary. This comes to ahead when Migi’s next plan is to have Shinichi join in the upcoming fight, too, rather than relying completely on Migi. For the first time, they’re going to work as a team, and I believe that the show will not only portray this as right, but the most logical solution, Migi and Shinichi merely serving as a microcosm for humans and parasites as a whole.

Humans must pull their own weight to defend themselves.


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