Selector Spread Wixoss Episode 7: Akira is Kicked in the Chest

Some of the stuff involving Fumio was fine, it also gets points in my book for getting the young girl in pink to bugger off. That covers last week. Basically, Wixoss continues to remain a narrative waste, especially with Fumio missing this week. On the plus side…


Ulith has always been an unsubtle character, but this week she tries her damn best to carry the show by herself. I mean, whose been carrying it so far? No one, and I don’t want to go over why again. However I will complain about Mayu, because each and every week she just gets more aggravating.

Dark light, garble garble

Her only real function in universe is to run the selector battles, which doesn’t require the most hands on approach. As a result, she merely watches and comments on them, trying desperately to make them seem more interesting and meaningful than they really are. Recently she’s been repeating this ‘light girl, dark girl’ nonsense in an incredibly simplistic manner. Never have I seen exposition so blatantly spelling out themes and character traits, like I’m being spoon fed. She talks like a school teacher reading a simple story to her class of four year old children. She’ll giggle about the proceedings, just like most vaguely antagonistic characters who take such a subdued revelry in the battles taking place, like an author celebrating their own work. I just want her to leave every time she’s on screen, how much can one person talk out loud to themselves about the same subject, even if they have spent an eternity in solitude? But back to Ulith, who stole this week’s episode.


I honestly just want to let some of these pictures speak for themselves.


In a show like this that bends over backwards to make everyone seem sympathetic, this is the first time I’ve realised how refreshing Ulith is in the context of this show. Akira was kind of that person last season, but her already awful character was somehow butchered this season, so Ulith is all we have left.

It warms the cockles of my heart...

She randomly goes on a huge villainous rant after arriving at the scene. Of course, the pacing and timing is all bullshit in the grand scheme of things. She tells Akira to capture Hitoe only to turn up anyway and take over completely? In any case, I suppose any non-nonsensical motivations involving Ulith can now be explained away with the words ‘because she’s a huge bitch, knows it, and loves it’.

Unfortunately, still not as good as the nazi in hellsing

Well, I’ll give it a rest now. She just hams everything up, and her actual passion for something (even if it is the destruction of other people’s lives) really cheered me up. One of my pet theories for Wixoss way back in the first season before I lost all hope, was that the card game itself represented social experience for teenage girls. Wixoss is a game where the talented/lucky individuals use media and social trends to crush the dreams of other girls in secret whilst also furthering their own petty ambitions in private, whilst remaining cute, bubbly, and popular in public. Akira embodied this last season. I forgot about this recently, since the show was more interested in developing the shit characters and the LRIG/Eternal Girl mechanics of the selector battles, neither of which added up to anything with real thematic weight. But going back to it, I wonder if Ulith is bitchiness personified. They say that girls are the worst bullies, because they will try to psychologically torture their victims, unlike males who are more upfront with their insults and acts of physical violence. Ulith herself claims to love bringing girls misery, driving them to take their own life. Perhaps there is some validity to my original theory? Not that it matters, because Wixoss will never explore anything I personally find interesting, which is a bit of a shame. The show said it itself, we’re just retelling cliche’s at this point. And also, Ulith’s wish is stupid. It’s exactly the same wish as Iona, and neither thought it through. They’re going to become LRIGs if they win no matter what, so why not wish for something useful, like money? Worse, if they do lose, then they will never be able to become LRIGs. This show does nothing interesting with the wish mechanic, unlike one other show I can mention where the drama revolves around the wishes. Anyway, the following battle is as unremarkable as everything else in the series.


The idea is that we’re supposed to get angry at Ulith to pump us up for a battle. As usual, they take it incredibly seriously, almost like this is a final confrontation of sorts. But neither Ruko nor Ulith are on their last life, so to speak, so the outcome of the match will have no consequence. Maybe save this stuff for the last round? And of course characters cry and such, because there’s so little to work with. The problem is that Ruko is fighting Tama, but Tama seems perfectly fine with it. I’d be more worried about beating Ulith myself, focus on how monstrous she is. Speaking of Tama, why doesn’t she let Iona win at the last second? I mean, I get that she’s under Ulith’s thumb, but unlike most cases in fiction when the friends fight due to a clash of ideals or whatever, Tama is 100% on Ruko’s side. So why even bother fighting seriously? Also her shrieking is painful to listen to, and not for the right reasons.

Un... able... to write...

But lets get back to Akira, whose character has been spinning its wheels since her relationship with Ulith was established in the series. I wish I had something more to say about her since my earlier post on episode 2, but there’s so little substance. I’m still miffed as to how you write a character as dull and one note as Akira out of character. She’s an angry, misanthropic piece of work, why would someone like her be so emotionally dependent on Ulith? I mean, she switches personalities so frequently that Gollum would blush. What kind of affection was she honestly expecting from someone so obviously evil and manipulative? Why should I care that her stupid decisions have bitten her in the ass? Ulith kicks her for absolutely no reason, as unexpected and thus funny as that was, and then she just kind of has a mental breakdown regarding her scar for the rest of the episode, and no one cares. At this point, it just doesn’t make any sense. I guess the idea is that Akira will learn that she doesn’t need to rely on Ulith for her own happiness, but Ulith is only the first of her many problems in regards to people. And for some reason Akira’s LRIG can go outside its card in the battle dimmension, even though they’re just spectating because continuity is for try hard posers I guess.

Also, there’s a twist.

Dun dun Duhhhhmmmmmzzz...

A supernatural being gave birth to humans. Or maybe Tama was always an LRIG. Who cares, either way Iona still suffers a force choke. Oh no! We’re going to need to bust out the level six to solve this problem!


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