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Persona 5 Trailer Analysis

Lets dig in to the new Persona 5 trailer.

Firstly, there’s this teaser image released prior to the trailer, showing an image of the new protagonist seemingly clawing his way out of some paper. The link shows an artwork comparison between the protagonist here and the antagonist of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Sho Minazuki. The facial structure and pose seem basically identical. The true ending of Ultimax also had Sho leaving, his plans foiled and his alter-ego having disappeared, to go off on new adventures and presumably learn the true meaning of friendship. I find it highly likely that Sho Minazuki is the new protagonist, whether he be silent or not,  which this trailer supports.

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Psycho-Pass 2: The Kirito Conspiracy

So I’ve been busy recently which is why my posts have been less frequent. I caught up on Psycho-Pass season 2 today. While I was going to wait until Thursday to to a 3 episode roundup, episode 3 sent my head spinning with wild theories, predictions, and thoughts. And no, none of it had to do with Mika. I’ve seen plenty of people complaining about her and I just couldn’t care less about such a thinly sketched character. So, lets talk Kirito Kamui. This isn’t a proper episode write up, so expect it to be short and not hugely related to the show as a whole. Proper stuff will come on Thursday when I see episode 4.

But THAT's not Kamui!?

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