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Big Order: How Being Bland Ruins Anime

Big Order is an anime that, from the outset of Japan’s spring anime season, promised to be an experience, the type of show that is rarely ever produced in this day and age. Big Order appears to be a show so terrible, so inept in its storytelling, so earnestly rotten to its fundamental core that it can’t help but be entertaining in its own horrific way, a trainwreck of an anime to stand alongside similarly terrible classics, such as Tommy Wiseau’s The Room from the west. Unfortunately, that’s not quite what ended up happening, and this unfortunately results in a weird paradox when you realise that Big Order would be better if it was worse. And that it so clearly wants to be worse makes it all the more tragic.



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Terror in Resonance Review

This hasn’t been a particularly good season for anime, in fact, the year as a whole hasn’t been all that great so far. Despite a strong start, Tokyo Ghoul failed to keep my interest (although I hear the ending was great) and the only real appeal Sword Art Online holds for me at this point is its hilariously awful writing. Of all the things that immediately come to mind, It’s become one of the few that I can only enjoy on an ironic level.

And my last post was about how I genuinely liked Deadly Premonition.

Zankyou no Terror, or Terror in Resonance, is easily the show that I enjoyed the most this season. While I intend to finish SAO, right now Terror in Resonance is the only show that I felt compelled to finish. So, lets stop beating around the bush and give it the review it rightfully deserves. Spoilers.

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Deadly Premonition and The Value of Schlock

I swear I’ll get back to anime reviews shortly- I was planning on reviewing Berserk recently, but my thoughts are proving difficult to articulate as a post. I’ve also decided to stop episodic posts- the blog is just starting out, so I need to find my niche and what I’m most comfortable writing, and episodic posts reflect immediate reactions to shows that are a mere fraction of the show’s complete picture. I try not to be too arrogant in my presentation of my opinions, but nonetheless I don’t want them to be half-baked. Anyway, with the season ending, expect reviews of the currently airing shows shortly.

Until then, more games I finished recently, that will maybe be read by one or two people a few years down the road if I’m lucky. Spoilers for Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut.

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Review: Tales of Xillia 2 and Responsibility

I haven’t been updating recently because the current anime season hasn’t been engaging enough for me to write about on an episode per episode basis. I may eventually do full reviews on the three shows I’m actually interested in, but for now, lets talk about a recent JRPG, one of the best I’ve had the pleasure in playing for a long time. Spoilers abound.

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