Psycho-Pass 2: The Kirito Conspiracy

So I’ve been busy recently which is why my posts have been less frequent. I caught up on Psycho-Pass season 2 today. While I was going to wait until Thursday to to a 3 episode roundup, episode 3 sent my head spinning with wild theories, predictions, and thoughts. And no, none of it had to do with Mika. I’ve seen plenty of people complaining about her and I just couldn’t care less about such a thinly sketched character. So, lets talk Kirito Kamui. This isn’t a proper episode write up, so expect it to be short and not hugely related to the show as a whole. Proper stuff will come on Thursday when I see episode 4.

But THAT's not Kamui!?

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Fall 2014: Other Shows Roundup 1

So here are some things I’ve watched that I didn’t feel needed dedicated posts, mostly because I don’t have nearly as many words to say about them. I haven’t watched everything this season, I’m ignoring sequels like Log Horizon 2 because I never finished the first season (not because it was horrible, mind you.) and other stuff I either haven’t gotten around to, or it doesn’t look like my thing. Oh, and there’s one show by Sunrise that doesn’t exist, it’s weird.

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