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Selector Spread Wixoss Episode 7: Akira is Kicked in the Chest

Some of the stuff involving Fumio was fine, it also gets points in my book for getting the young girl in pink to bugger off. That covers last week. Basically, Wixoss continues to remain a narrative waste, especially with Fumio missing this week. On the plus side…


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Selector Spread Wixoss Episode 1: STOP PLAYING THE GAAAAAAME!

Selector Infected Wixoss was a pretty awful first season. None of it made any sense, the morals were plain disgusting, the thematic and symbolism were all over the place and all of its narrative hooks were built around absolutely nonsensical plot twists and artificial mechanics that exist only for the sake of justifying lazy writing. It suuuuuuucked! But lets dig in to this second season and see if it has gotten any better.

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